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Sushi chefs in the world compete for skills

Sushi chefs in the world compete for skills "WORLD SUSHI CUP® JAPAN2016" was over.

The “WORLD SUSHI CUP® JAPAN2016” was held at Tokyo Big Sight on August 18, 19, hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

This is a once a year chance to compete for talents with sushi chefs from around the world. (Held the fourth time this year)

First day, 27 contestants who participated from 13 countries two regions, competed for the level of hygenic & technical skill which should be learned as a sushi chef by “Edo-mae sushi Open Competition” (Hygenic session, Ingredients preparation session, Making sushi skill, etc.)
One the next day’s finals, contestants were consisted of top 20 qualified contestants (11 countries and one region). They were exerted their own best skills and sense to the fullest by "Creative Sushi Open Competition".
The following is the result.

Overall Results
1st place: Mr. Celso Hideji Amano
Nationality: Brazil
Work location: SAKAGURA A1 (Brazil)

2ND Place: Mr. Tai Koon Siang
Nationality: Malaysia
Work location: STANDING SUSHI BAR (Singapore)

3rd place: Mr. Vladimir Pak
Nationality: Russia
Work location: SABI SUSHI HINNA (Norway)

Other participants list, etc. you can see from the following URL.

In December, it will be hold a Japanese cuisine category "The Washoku World Challenge 2016" of Japanese cuisine contest by chefs from around the world.

Keep an eye to the future success of the chefs of the world.