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Amberjack with vinegared miso

Amberjack with vinegared miso
ส่วนผสม สำหรับ For three people ที่

・Amberjack 300g
・Red miso paste 50g
・Vinegar 30cc
・Extra virgin olive oil (or vegetable oil) 50cc
・Sugar 20g
・Salt A pinch
・Watercress To taste
・Endives (chicory) To taste
・Chopped ginger 10g
・Chopped pickles 10g
・Onion soaked in water (cut into 2 mm cubes) 10g
・Black pepper A pinch
・Spotted daikon radish (cut into round, hollowed out balls roughly 1 cm large) To taste

Amberjack grilled until golden brown is served with vinegared miso, which is prepared with red miso and vinegar. This enhances the deliciousness of the amberjack. Decorated with watercress, endives and radish garnish cut into round slices to add color.


  • [A] Vinegar miso paste Add the red miso paste and vinegar to a food processor and pulse together. Then add the olive oil a little bit at a time and, once everything has been thoroughly combined together add the sugar to season.

  • Cut the yellowtail into slices that are 1 cm thick and remove the dark red part. Lightly salt the slices.

  • Heat a suitable amount of olive oil (extra amount) in a frying pan, then cook the yellowtail from 1 .on both sides until the color indicates it has been cooked through

  • Cut the watercress into bite-sized pieces and plate it along with the endives and yellowtail on a plate. Pour A . over top of this, and garnish with the ginger, pickles, sliced onion, a shake of black pepper, and the spotted daikon radish to complete the dish.

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