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Japanese rolled omelet

Japanese rolled omelet
ส่วนผสม สำหรับ   ที่

Egg 4
Broth 150ml
Thin soy sauce 2 teaspoon
Sugar 1/2 tablespoon
Sweet sake 1/2 tablespoon
Appropriate quantity of salad oil

Some thin soy sauce and sweet sake makes the rolled omelet tasty. The broth spreads in your mouth when you eat.


  • Lightly beat an egg in a bowl.

  • Add broth, thin soy sauce, sugar, and sweet sake in the bowl and mix.

  • Strain the egg mixture.

  • Spread 1/2 tsp salad oil over the pan. Heat the pan over a medium heat until you hear the sound of the egg mixture setting.

  • Put 1/5 of the egg mixture evenly on the pan.

  • When each side of the egg mixture starts to set, quickly move the set area of the mixture to the center with a spatula. Cook until the mixture is evenly half-boiled.

  • Roll the mixture from the back toward you and shape it.

  • Slide the shaped egg to the back. Spread 1/4 salad oil in the front of the pan.

  • Pour the egg mixture in the exposed area of the pan and spread the mixture under the rolled omelet.

  • Roll the mixture from the back toward you when the mixture is half-boiled.

  • Repeat the direction 8-10 and finish to cook.

  • Put in on the wrapping film and wrap. Leave it for 5 minutes and shape.

  • Cut it into easy-to-eat size.

  • Place on the dish and serve.

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