Taste of Japan

Close Up Chef Yuki Iwai

Close Up Chef Yuki Iwai

Profile:Birthday(age)/March 10th, 1982 (34) Birthplace/Nagasaki


Q:What made you become a chef; what’s the back story?
A:Though I’ve forgotten about my dream for a while, I wanted to become a chef since I was little. In fact, I wrote on my elementary school graduation album that I wanted to be on the TV show called “Iron Chef”.
Q:Do you have any partiality to cooking Japanese food?
A:I want to create dishes that are straight forward and delicious to anybody.
Q:Do you have any difficulties cooking Japanese food in Malaysia? Do you have to employ any creative techniques?
A:Since we import our ingredients, we can not check the conditions before we buy them. So we devise ways to create the best dishes with the ingredients we get.
Q:How is the customers' reaction towards Japanese food?
A:I feel that the customers are looking to get not just good food but overall excellent services at the restaurant.
Q:What do you want your restaurant to be in the future? What kind of challenges do you expect?
A:I would like to satisfy the locals’ needs without compromising what I believe in and bring this restaurant to the next level.

Q:What are the circumstances to your working abroad?
A:I left Japan because I wanted to gain a global perspective and understand Japanese food from a foreigner’s point of view.
Q:Are you fastidious, using only traditional ingredients or would you consider unique local ingredients?
A:At Hinata, we import most of our ingredients from Japan. But we are very meticulous about our Tuna and Wasabi selections.
Q:What do you want to convey through Japanese cuisine?
A:I would like to teach Japanese culture, mannerism and spirit through Japanese food.
Q:Why do you think the people in the world are fascinated about Japanese food today?
A:It’s because Japanese food is simple and healthy and it often reflects the sense of respect for the seasons.
Q:Any message to people in the world?
A:We are here to provide not only delicious meals but also quality time to customers. It’s our pleasure to serve and share a good dining experience with them.


Birthday(age): March 10th, 1982 (34)
Birthplace: Nagasaki