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Yellowtail with vinegared miso in a bowl

Yellowtail with vinegared miso in a bowl
Ingrédients Pour For 3 people personnes

・Yellowtail 300g
・Red miso paste 50g
・Vinegar 30cc
・Extra virgin olive oil (or vegetable oil) 50cc
・Sugar 20g
・Salt small quantity
・Eggs 3
・Rice cooked from 360-cc raw rice
・Chopped coriander to taste
・Minced ginger 10g
・Minced pickles 10g
・Onion soaked in water (cut into 2-mm dices) 10g

Yellowtail grilled until golden brown is served with vinegared miso, which is prepared with red miso and vinegar. This enhances the deliciousness of the Yellowtail. Served with pickles, onion and fried egg on the side to add color. It pairs perfectly with white rice.


  • [A] Vinegar-flavored miso paste Put red miso paste and vinegar in a food processor and blend them while adding olive oil little by little. When they are thoroughly blended, add sugar to adjust the tastae.

  • Cut yellowtail into 1-cm slices and remove dark colored flesh. Sprinkle salt over the slices.

  • Heat an appropriate quantity of olive oil (not included in the ingredients above) in a pan and crack eggs into it to make them sunny-side up.

  • Using the same pan, grill the both sides of the yellowtail slices prepared in 1 well.

  • Serve rice in a bowl, garnish it with coriander, top it with the yellowtail slices and pour A over the slices. Finish with a sprinkling of ginger, pickles and onion, and put in egg.

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