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Washoku World Challenge Result of New York Qualifying Tournament

Washoku World Challenge Result of New York Qualifying Tournament

New York Qualifying Tournament was held on 13th January 2020 at Institute of Culinary Education and 6 chefs competed for their technical expertise and passion for Japanese food.

The contestants will be asked to prepare the three previously submitted dishes with two serving portions with focus on SHOKU NO HANAYAGII. (135 minutes.)

新規プロジェクト (9)

The dishes must be produced using three classical Japanese preparation techniques, Takimono (Note 1) (simmered dish), Yakimono (Note 1) (grilled dish) and Agemono (Note 1) (deep-fried dish). One dish from each category is required.

新規プロジェクト (10)

新規プロジェクト (13)And the winner is …11

Anna Yeung from US!


This is the original dish cooked by Anna Yeung from US. Congrats!

Unfortunately, Anna Yeung won’t be able to attend the final tournament due to private reasons. According to the rule from #wwc7th NY qualifying tournament, Yael Peet (US, Fury’s) will be invited to Tokyo for the final as the chef representing NY qualifying tournament.


新規プロジェクト (12)

These are the original dishes cooked by Yael Peet (Fury’s) from US.

Thank you all for being a part of the NY Qualifying Tournament. We encourage all the competitors who did not qualify this time, to come back and take the challenge again.

Last Updated: January 30, 2020