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Announcement of the 10th Washoku World Challenge Finalists

Announcement of the 10th Washoku World Challenge Finalists

The Regional Qualifying Tournaments (Europe, North America, Asia) held between October and December, and the Online Qualifying Tournament determined six finalists of the 10th Washoku World Challenge. 
The finalists will participate in the Final Tournament scheduled to be held in Tokyo on February 27th and 28th, 2023.

The Regional Qualifying Tournament (Europe, North America, Asia) 

“Cooking Technique Test (Basic Knife Skills)” using daikon and “Preparation of a dish using specified main ingredients” were used to examine participants’ skills. 

The Online Qualifying Tournament 

We examined contestants by viewing their cooking videos, etc. in line with this year’s theme “DASHI.”  



Jakub HORÁK (Czech Republic, Yamato Japanese restaurant)  

【First Place finishers in the European Qualifying Tournament】 


Czar TAGAYUNA(United States of America, Restaurant chef)  

【First place finishers in the North American Qualifying Tournament】 


Aeron CHOO Boh Hin (Republic of Singapore, Kappou)  

【First place finishers in the Asian Qualifying Tournament】 


YOO Kok Hoong (Republic of Singapore, Fat Cow)  

【Second place finishers in the Asian Qualifying Tournament  

(Selected among all second-place finishers in each Regional Qualifying Tournament)】 


YANG Peishih (Taiwan, Tsukiyoiwa)  

【Finishers of the Online Qualifying Tournament】 


YEO In Hyeok (Japan, Tokyo ginza mutsukari)  

【Finishers of the Online Qualifying Tournament】 


Please check the official websites of the individual competitions for more details.  

Japanese: https://www.washoku-worldchallenge.maff.go.jp/10th/ 

English: https://www.washoku-worldchallenge.maff.go.jp/10th/en/ 

Chinese: https://www.washoku-worldchallenge.maff.go.jp/10th/cn/ 


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