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The 9th Washoku World Challenge  Special Online Lessons for 6 Finalists

The 9th Washoku World Challenge Special Online Lessons for 6 Finalists

Due to the worldwide spread of infectious diseases, we have decided to cancel the final tournament in Tokyo. As the result, we offered the special live-streaming online lessons by three top Japanese chefs to the six finalists.

Online Lessons

7th February, 2022  InstructorMr. MATSUO Hideaki

Owner and Chef of Japanese Cuisine Kashiwaya in Osaka

and Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Lesson1Mr. Mike CHU Pui Hei

Lesson2:Mr. Paride PASETTI

17th February, 2022
 InstructorMr. MURATA Yoshihiro

Head Judge, Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador,

Owner & Chef of Kikunoi,

and Chairman of Japanese Culinary Academy

Lesson3:Mr. Wing Chun Wilson CHAN

Lesson4:Mr. Evandro Hidetoshi KAWANAMI

20th February, 2022
 InstructorMr. NONAGA Kimio

Third generation Owner and Chef of Nihonbashi Yukari in Tokyo

and Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Lesson5:Ms. LEE Hyeon Jeong

Lesson6:Mr. YANG Peishih

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