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Announcement of the Finalists of the Washoku World Challenge

Announcement of the Finalists of the Washoku World Challenge

In 2020, the Washoku World Challenge was held online, and participants with an interest in Japanese cuisine were welcomed from all over the world, resulting in the passionate participation of 199 people from 41 countries and regions.
Amongst them, 15 participants passed the first stage document screening, and 6 finalists were selected during the second stage video screening held in December.
As a bonus, the 6 finalists will have the opportunity to attend an online private lecture by a Japanese chef.



- Head Judge (top row, left in the photo)
Mr. Yoshihiro MURATA
Owner and Chef of Kikunoi, Chairman of Japanese Culinary Academy
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

- Deputy Head Judge (top row, right in the photo)
Mr. Masahiro NAKATA
Director of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc., President of Kyoto Culinary Art College

- Judge (bottom row, left in the photo)
Mr. Masahiro KASAHARA
Owner chef of Sanpiryoron

- Judge (bottom row, center in the photo)
Ms. Fumiko KONO
Culinary consultant

- Judge (bottom row, right in the photo)
Executive Chef of Kinsa ryu Yanagihara Cooking School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

The results and comments from the judges for video screening can be seen in the video below.

Please take a look at the following masterful and passionate creations of the 6 finalists with the theme of "My Japanese Cuisine."

(Born in Spain, works at Uemura, Spain)


No. 04:Mr. Man Fong HO
(Born in China, works at EDO JAPANESE RESTAURANT, Macau)


No. 05:Mr. Alex KIM
(Born in the U.S.A, works at Takibi (Snow Peak, Inc.), U.S.A)


No. 12:Mr. Basanta Bantawa RAI
(Born in Nepal, works at Katsuya by Starck, U.A.E.)


No. 14:Mr. Chih-Fan TSAI
(Born in Taiwan, works at ShinYeh Japanese Buffet, Taiwan)


No. 15:Mr. Luis Fernando YSCAVA
(Born in Brazil, works at HIDDEN by 2nd Floor, Brazil)


For more information, please check the competition website: https://www.washoku-worldchallenge.jp/2020/en/

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