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Announcement of the Results of the Washoku World Challenge!

Announcement of the Results of the Washoku World Challenge!

For 2020, the Washoku World Challenge was held online this year. As a result of inviting contestants from around the globe, 199 passionate entries from 41 countries and regions worldwide were brought together for the first stage of the contest, paper screening.

The paper screening stage was hosted by Kinobu, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, with three judges conducting a comprehensive review of both the contestants' knowledge and skills, as well as their passion and attitudes toward Japanese cuisine.


Judges for paper screening

- Deputy Head Judge (pictured center)
Mr. Masahiro NAKATA, Director of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc.,
President of Kyoto Culinary Art College

- Judge (pictured right)
Mr. Takuji TAKAHASHI, CEO of the Kinobu restaurant in Kyoto,
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

- Judge (pictured left)
Mr. Hideaki Matsuo, Owner and Chef of Japanese Cuisine “Kashiwaya” in Osaka, Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador


The judges’ comments and results for the paper screening stage are featured in the video detailed below.

Watch the passionate works of the following 15 contestants centered on the theme of "My Japanese Cuisine."




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