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Fried Rice with Dried Young Sardines and Peanuts

Fried Rice with Dried Young Sardines and Peanuts
Ingredients Ingredients make approximately 4 servings. servings

Lightly beaten eggs: 2
Cooked Japanese rice: 200 g (approx. 7oz.)
Dried whitebaits: 20 g (approx. 0.7 oz.)
Roasted peanuts: 15 g (approx. 0.5 oz.)
Negi (Japanese green onion): 1/4 stalk
Peanut oil: 2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper
Green onion: 1 stalk

Taiwan’s popular dish, a stir-fry of dried whitebaits and egg, turns into a satisfying meal with the addition of delicious Japanese rice. The crisp fried whitebaits add crunch that contrasts Wonderfully with the fluffy texture of the rice and eggs.

How to make it

  • Finely chop the peanuts, negi, and green onion.

  • Heat the peanut oil in a wok and stir-fry the dried whitebaits. Remove from pan and set aside.

  • In the same wok, cook the beaten eggs until half set. Add the rice and peanuts and cook while stirring.

  • Add the negi and season with salt and pepper. Add the sardines and green onion, and toss.

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