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Ingredients 4 servings
  • Chuck roll (thinly sliced) 400g
  • Green onions 100g
  • Onion 1 (200g)
  • Shimeji mushroom 1/2pack (50g)
  • Carrot1/2 (60g)
  • Firm Tofu1/2(150g)
  • ☆ Dark soy sauce6.5 tbs
  • ☆Mirin6.5 tbs
  • ☆ Cooking Sake6.5 tbs
  • ☆Sugar3 tbs

*Not all the ingredients are added to the pot at once. When the ingredients in the pot run low, add seasonings, vegetables, and meat, and cook as you eat. It is a common way to eat in Japan.

*You can change the part of the meat as you like. Gooseneck rounds are leaner and healthier. Chuck rolls, ribloin, and sirloin have rich flavors.

*1tbs=15ml / 1tsp=5ml

*The temperature setting of the induction cooker is for reference only.

Along with sushi and tempura, sukiyaki is known overseas as one of Japan's most popular hospitality dishes.

In the past, it was usually eaten at restaurants, but now it is enjoyed as a home-style dish.

This dish is made with beef, green onions, grilled tofu, and other ingredients in a broth based on soy sauce, sugar, and sake, and is packed with the flavor of meat and vegetables.

How to make it

  • Cut the green onions into 4cm lengths and the onion in half and into 1cm pieces against the fiber. Cut off the end of the lump of Shimeji mushrooms and separate them. Peel and thinly slice the carrot. Cut the firm Tofu into 3cm cubes.

  • Mix ☆seasonings and dissolve the sugar well.

  • Put about half of the mixed seasonings (2) in a pot and bring to a boil. Then add vegetables, meat, and Tofu and cook over medium heat (800W 170-180℃).

  • When they are cooked, ready to eat.

Recipes developed by Nobuaki Ohiki (Tsuji Culinary Institute)/Takako Hirosato (Kicho LLC)

Recipes supervised by Tsuji Culinary Institute (Representative: Yoshiki Tsuji *Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador since 2015)

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