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How to make broth

How to make broth
Ingredients   servings

Water 1000ml
Kombu(Dried Kelp) 10g
Dried bonito flakes 20g

The broth is important for good taste. The taste is much better if you use broth for stew and soup instead of water.

How to make it

  • Clean Kombu(Dried Kelp) with wet kitchen paper.

  • Pour the water in a pan with Kombu(Dried Kelp) and leave for 30 minutes. Cook over the high heat and take the Kombu(Dried Kelp) out when the water begins to boil.

  • Add dried bonito flakes when boiled. Turn off the heat and leave for 2 minutes.

  • Strain the broth you make in direction 3. (Prepare 2 strainers and one bowl. Overlay a strainer on a bowl. Spread a piece of kitchen paper on the strainer. Strain the broth through another strainer.)

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