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Plum-flavored Nagaimo Tempura

Plum-flavored Nagaimo Tempura

Umeboshi paste (pickled plum), popular in Japan, and ooba (beefsteak plant) leaves are sandwiched between sliced nagaimo (Chinese yam) rings. These sandwiches are covered with a flour-based batter and fried. A dish featuring the sourness of plum and the fresh and distinct flavor of ooba.

Ingredients(Serves 4)

1/3 nagaimo
8 ooba (beefsteak plant leaves)
Umeboshi – as required
A [200cc cold water , 1/2 egg yolk, 100-130g four (adjust amount as required)]
Oil for frying - as required
(If available) Green chili and lemon juice to taste

Plum-flavored Nagaimo Tempura
  • 1
    Peel the nagaimo, slice into 5mm thick rings and soak in water to remove bitterness.
  • 2
    Remove umeboshi pips and chop into paste.
  • 3
    Wipe off excess moisture from the nagaimo and apply a thin layer of umeboshi paste to one side.
  • 4
    Add ooba leaves to 3 and form "sandwiches", coat with mixture A and then deep fry.
  • 5 Slice 4 in half, place on plate and add deep fried green chili and lemon.
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