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This is the official website of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
which allows you to search for information on Japanese cuisine, local Japanese
restaurant, and Japanese food retail store from Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores.
Please utilize this webpage and find the information you need to enjoy delicious taste of Japan in your town!

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Latest News

The Appeal of Japanese Sake, Spreading to the World

Japanese alcohol that is made primarily from rice and rice koji (malted rice). With the increasing popularity of Japanese food in recent years and the holding of Kura Master, a Japanese sake competition, in France in 2017, it is garnering attention all over the world.

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Update 30/11/2020

Announcement of the Results of the Washoku World Challenge!

For 2020, the Washoku World Challenge was held online this year. As a result of inviting contestants from around the globe, 199 passionate entries from 41 countries and regions worldwide were brought together for the first stage of the contest, paper screening.

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Update 11/11/2020

Promotion of Japanese Ingredients at Japanese Food Supporter Stores

Currently, Japanese Food Supporter Stores around the world are promoting Japanese ingredients in a variety of ways.

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Update 28/10/2020

Announcement of Accepting Entries for the Washoku World Challenge

This year, the contest will be held online with an expanded scope of participation, including chefs of Japanese cuisine from across the world and culinary school students.

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Update 24/09/2020

World-renowned chefs of Japanese cuisine

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